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Aaron Johnston Mormon Author

Aaron Johnston is a man with varied interests and talents. He is the New York Times bestselling author, with Orson Scott Card, of Earth Unaware, Earth Afire, Earth Awakens, The Swarm, Invasive Procedures, and the other forthcoming novels in the Formic Wars series. He worked with Card and director Peter Johnson at Taleswapper, Inc., a production company in Los Angeles. He was an associate producer of the 2013 movie Ender’s Game and made a cameo appearance as an officer of the International Fleet. In October 2017, BYUtv began showing "Extinct," a series that Johnston and Orson Scott Card wrote. This is the second original-scripted series that BYUtv has produced. The show begins 400 years after the extinction of the human race, when a small group of humans are given the chance to restart their lives. “Extinct” follows the journey of Ezra, Feena, and Abram who are Reborns who have been restored to the prime of their lives by an alien civilization called Originators.

Johnston has performed in improv at Brigham Young University with The Garrens, and in LA with Improv Factory and Santa Clarita Improv. He has also performed in stage productions. He has written screenplay adaptations, including Alvin Maker, Sarah: Woman of Genesis, The Multiple Man, and Feed the Baby of Love.

Johnston has written several comics for Marvel, including Ender in Exile, Speaker for the Dead, Formic Wars, League War, and Mazer in Prison. He is a copywriter for an advertising agency in Greenville, South Carolina. He is also a columnist for Nauvoo.com.

In an interview with LDS Living, Johnston said, “Who I am and what I believe are evident in my stories because that is what I know. My faith defines my world view and my human experience. Thus elements of what I believe will seep through in my stories. What brings us joy, what breaks our hearts, what defines us as children of God. Those are the stories I want to tell, because that is what the light of Christ motivates me to tell. While you may not see my characters reciting scripture from the Book of Mormon in my stories, you will see people reaching for light.”[1]

Johnston is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He served as a missionary to Venezuela. He and his wife, Lauren—a fellow performer, are the parents of four children.