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Primary Activity Days were fun, faith-building, weekday activities that were designed to provide girls ages 8 through 11 with opportunities to work on activities in the Faith in God program (which was in place between July 1, 2003, and January 1, 2020). Activity days were usually held twice a month in a home or at the meetinghouse. Girls and boys met separately.

Occasionally, leaders invited younger Primary children to participate with the 8- through 11-year-olds in an activity day. Activity days involving all the children were planned by the ward Primary presidency. As of January 2020 under the Children and Youth program, Activity Days are now called Primary activities, and they are for both girls and boys. Girls and boys generally meet separately but combine for some activities. Primary activities are balanced among four areas of personal growth: spiritual, social, physical, and intellectual. They are held two to four times per month where possible and practical.