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I.Add a picture that’s stored on the MormonWiki page.

There are pictures that members have already uploaded and are stored on the website.

Brigham Young
.1.To see a list of these pictures click on the Special Pages link in the toolbox on the lower left hand corner of the page. Then click on File List, this page will show you all the pictures that are available for use without having to upload.

The file list for the Italian, Spanish, Portugese, French, Deutsch, and Hebrew pages all have different pictures, so if Logo.jpg shows on the English file list, it may not appear on the Italian file list. If you would like one of the pictures on another pages file list, you will need to copy the picture and save to your hard drive and then follow step II below to upload that picture to your language's file list.

2. Add the picture to your article. In the Edit tab you will need to add the link to your picture. For Example: If the name of your picture were Logo.jpg, you would put the following sequence in your article [[Image:Logo.jpg]] and should appear as:


3. Click on preview after typing the following and see how your picture looks in your article. If your picture doesn't show, then you misspelled the name of the picture [[Image:logo.jpg]] would not work or [[Image:Logo.gif]] would not work either, make sure the spelling and the format (JPG, GIF, BMP...) are correct in your link. You can change the location of your picture depending on where you put the link in the article.

II. Upload a picture to add to your article.

This is also simple. In order to upload a picture you must have it saved to your computer first and know the file name.

1. Click on the Upload File link in the toolbox on the lower left hand side of the page. This page allows you to upload new pictures, you can type the file name of your picture in the "Source filename" box,such as, Logo.jpg, or browse for it on your computer by clicking on the "Browse" button.

2.Push Upload. Once you have pushed upload, your picture is added to the file list and you can add it to your article by following steps 2-3 in the section above.

III. Add a frame to your picture.

This step is useful in order to give a nicer appearance to your article. This step will not only add a frame but will adjust your picture to the right hand side of the page.

1. Once you have followed step II. or III. type the following sequence in your article.[[Image:Logo.jpg|frame]] and it should appear like this:


Remember that sometimes your pictures can be too big. if this is the case reduce the picture before uploading it or simply use this link:

[[Image:Brigham Young.jpg|thumb|300px|right|alt=Brigham Young]] and it should appear like this:

In this case the Brigham Young.jpg is the name of the file. What is important in this link is the "thumb" part that reduce the size of the picture. The name Brigham Young at the end simply shows it at the bottom of the picture.

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