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Bob Lonsberry is an American radio broadcaster who resides in Rochester, New York.

Radio career

As of October, 2008, Lonsberry's talk radio programs are broadcast on 1180 WHAM in Rochester (a top rated talk/news station in America), and on 570 KNRS in Salt Lake City, Utah (Utah's second highest rated AM station). Lonsberry has guest hosted for nationally syndicated radio hosts Michael Reagan and Glenn Beck (a fellow Latter-day Saint).


Each weekday he prints a daily blog about news events of the day, his own personal and family life and even on church items, as well. He invites readers to comment on his column and frequently responds.

He also has items of interest for LDS readers on his website and charges a fee to allow guests to write in his "Writers on the Loose" column.

Personal life

Lonsberry attended BYU and served in the Navajo Mission. Twice married, he is the father of six[1] children.


In 2003, Lonsberry was suspended from WHAM for making racially-charged on-air comments about Rochester's African-American mayor, comparing Bill Johnson to an escaped orangutan.[2] A few days later, Lonsberry was fired after posting an internet editorial about his suspension.[3]

In 2008, Lonsberry's comments about teen mothers graduating from high school earned criticism from educators and clergymen in Rochester.[4]

Unverified claims

Lonsberry's website claims[5] he has "won in excess of 80 journalism and broadcasting awards, including top Associated Press commentary awards in newspaper, radio and television -- the only person ever to do so." As of October 2008, however, the Associated Press archives do not have any record of Lonsberry apart from the 2003 WHAM suspension and firing.


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