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Book of Jarom

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The Book of Jarom is a small book in the Book of Mormon; it consists of only one chapter. Originally part of the Small Plates of Nephi, the book briefly covers the history of the Nephites during Jarom's lifetime.


The principle point of the book is what is often reiterated to the Nephites and to church members: Inasmuch as ye will keep my commandments ye shall prosper in the land. Jarom explains that the Nephites were a "stiffnecked" people, but were continually exhorted to righteousness and were blessed because of it. During his time, the Nephites had many battles with the Lamanites, but because they kept the commandments, they were continually blessed and prospered greatly. Jarom even states that because of this righteousness, there were many who were receiving revelation from the Lord. Jarom explains that the Nephites were keeping the Law of Moses, looking forward to the coming of Christ. His criticism of the Lamanites reflects a bias, as he insinuates not only that the Lamanites had become violent, but that they had abandoned the Mosaic dietary laws (..."they loved murder and would drink the blood of beasts.")

Jarom concludes the record by handing the plates, which he received from Enos, his father, to his son Omni.