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Calee Reed Adams is a singer, songwriter, and recording artist. She was taught to sing by her vocal-coach mother and grew up singing with her three sisters in venues all over southern California. Her first album, The Waiting Place, is a tribute to her mother, who passed away in 2011. She released her second album, What Heaven Feels Like, in 2015. She created her album Believer during her years as a single, full-time mother. Her fourth album, Rejoice!, was released in 2019 and features her favorite Christ-centered Christmas songs. She is a Deseret Book artist and has released music with Shadow Mountain Records.

Calee began writing music after she graduated from high school and experimenting with different genres. After her mother was diagnosed with cancer, she focused on Christian media and worship music.

She has performed with Time Out for Women and Time Out for Girls.

Calee remarried and her husband brought four children into their marriage adding to her one. They also have had one more child.