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Cary Whittingham is a former football player and coach. He played professional football as a linebacker for the Los Angeles Rams in 1987. He was picked by the Cincinnati Bengals in the 9th round of the 1986 NFL Draft. Previously, he played for Brigham Young University.

As head coach for six years he led the Timpview High School Thunderbird team to three region championships, three state titles, and an overall 63-14 record. Many of his players went onto college and pro levels. For the seven years previous, he was an assistant coach.

Principal Dr. Fidel Montero said, “I think probably one of the most underappreciated contributions that he made to the school was taking over the program during a difficult transition and he was able to bring a lot of steadiness and consistency. It’s difficult to compete with outside distraction and when you layer that with the other pressures of coaching, it was really quite a daunting task for him. He navigated that space really well, as well as anyone could have.”[1]

Whittingham is the son of former NFL player and coach Fred Whittingham and younger brother of NFL player and University of Utah coach Kyle Whittingham. He was born on May 30, 1963, in San Luis Obispo, California.

Cary Whittingham, right, in the Rams’ locker room, with his father, center, and his brother Kyle, left. Courtesy the Whittingham family