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Cassie Sandou performs Russian Bar

Cassie Sandou belongs to the circus act The Sandou Trio. The other two members are her husband, Konstantin, and brother-in-law Sergei. In addition to performing regularly in a family friendly show in Las Vegas, they have performed internationally for more than a decade. In 2009, they traveled with Britney Spears’ Circus Tour. They were semi-finalists in 2011’s “America’s Got Talent.” They were featured in the 2017 film The Greatest Showman and have performed for Cirque Du Soleil, NBA halftime shows, and other shows in Las Vegas.

Besides being a circus performer, Cassie is a mother to two children. She and her husband own their company Cirque Entertainment.

Cassie began training as a gymnast when she was eight years old. The family moved throughout the country while her father served in the Air Force and Cassie became accustomed to standing up for being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. “I think it was the best thing for me because it made me realize who I am and what I stood for and to not be ashamed of who I am,” Cassie said.[1]

A pivotal moment in Cassie’s life occurred when she and her family were living in Biloxi, Mississippi, in 2005. Cassie had just started the first week of college when Hurricane Katrina hit. The family’s home was destroyed and her father was transferred to San Antonio, Texas. 
“(In Mississippi) I was a high-level gymnast, and I was coaching. And so once I moved, my life turned upside down,” Cassie recalled. She enrolled in a new college but struggled to find purpose.
Not long after the move, Cassie’s sister told her about a sign she saw to audition for SeaWorld. “So, I figured, hey, why not?” Cassie said. She got a job at SeaWorld as an acrobat.[2]

While working at SeaWorld, she met Konstantin—a native of Moldova—who was the main performer. He taught her how to do the difficult Russian Bar act. She is one of only a few Americans who can do it. She performed the Russian Bar Act with The Sandou Trio on “America’s Got Talent: Champions,” which aired in January–February 2020. The trio made it to the finals where they placed fifth.

Cassie moved to Las Vegas in 2007 and married Konstantin in 2008.

She strives to live her faith as a professional circus performer and mother of two young children. “The gospel teaches us to be a light to others and to be an example, and so I try to live my life like that as much as I can,” Cassie Sandou said.[3]

Cassie Sandou and family