City of Enoch: Mormon Trio

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City of Enoch Mormon Trio

The Christian group City of Enoch is composed of Brianna Curran, Jeremy Christensen, and Kyle Wesley; all experienced vocal performers. They came together to form a trio with a mission to share their love of Jesus Christ and to testify of God’s goodness.

In their combined thirty plus years of working in the music industry, they have worked with top music executives, licensed music to major television networks as well as independent films, and worked with brands such as Delta Airlines and KMC Wheels. Each is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and they have appeared on EFY albums and written songs for artists such as Gentri and Calee Reed.

Their debut album, Sweet Redeemer, was released in April 2017. They also began touring with Time Out for Women in 2017.