Cohor, son of Noah

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Cohor is a character from the Book of Mormon. In the Book of Ether, Cohor briefly took over a dissenting kingdom of Jaredites from his father, Noah. The kingdom was created when Noah rebelled against Shule and his father Corihor, eventually capturing the land of their first inheritance. Noah ultimately captured Shule, but as he was about to be put to death, Shule's sons were able to break into the house of Noah, slay him, and rescue their father. Cohor succeeded his father to the throne of the kingdom. Like his father, however, Cohor continued to battle Shule for supreme rule over all of the Jaredites until he was slain by Shule in the midst of battle. His son, Nimrod briefly succeeded him to the throne before he turned the kingdom over to Shule.

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