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I. Add the title of your article to the MormonWiki Articles page.
  1. Click on the edit tab at the top of the MormonWiki Articles page.
  2. In the edit tab, look for the heading under which your article would fit most appropriately. For Example: the Basic Beliefs heading would appear in the edit tab as ==Basic Beliefs==.
  3. Add the name of your article in brackets under the heading. Place two brackets on both sides of the name of your article. Doing so the word you encapsulated between the brackets will now become a link. For Example: [[Faith]] will appear as Faith
  4. Click Show Preview at the bottom of the page. Now it will show how the MormonWiki Articles page will appear with your article included once you Save. Your article should appear in red font under the name of the heading you chose.
  5. Click Save. If the word appears correctly as you would like it to appear, click Save. The title of your article should now appear in red on the MormonWiki Articles page.

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