Dan McDonald: Mormon Sculptor

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Dan McDonald Mormon Sculptor

Daniel McDonald is a sculptor and associate professor of art. He is currently the chair of the art department of Ashland University in Ohio. He is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

McDonald was reared in Boise, Idaho. He took art classes in junior high and high school. He received both his Bachelor of Art degree in French literature and his Bachelor of Fine Art degree from Brigham Young University. He holds a Master of Fine Art degree from Clemson University.

McDonald sculpts in bronze, steel, plastics, video, and other media. He has a background in mechanics and construction so his sculpting allows him to be a “jack-pf-all-trades.”[1] His work has been exhibited nationally and is held in private and public collections. His work is primarily interior that is meant to go into gallery space.

He acts as a consultant and designer for Rain Drop Products, Inc. of Ashland, Ohio, helping with the sculptural aspects of water park features.

Dan McDonald Mormon Sculptor
Courtesy Dan McDonald