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Darrin Fletcher Mormon Director

Darrin “Fletch” Fletcher is a storyboard artist, and most recently, a film director.

Fletcher is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was born on July 9, 1970, in Salt Lake City, Utah. He began his film career in high school when he obtained a job as a layout artist for XAM Animation Studio at age sixteen. He created layouts for Saturday morning cartoons “Spiderman” and “The Transformers.” Walt Disney Animation Studios offered him a job, but he turned it down so that he could pursue his interest in live-action filmmaking.

As a storyboard artist, he has worked on more than sixty feature films, including Sandlot and High School Musical 3. He has also created storyboards for television (Charmed, Touched by an Angel, Everwood), IMAX (Mysteries of Egypt), and commercials (Foundation For a Better Life campaigns).

Fletcher made his feature directorial debut with The Abolitionist, a 2014 documentary on Tim Ballard and his work to rescue children enslaved in the sex trafficking trade.

He is in feature and commercial project development with Chet Thomas with their production company, FletChet Entertainment. They have co-directed a variety of projects for over ten years. They also developed Sneak on the Lot, an interactive social networking website for actors and filmmakers.