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The Daughter of Jared is a character in the Book of Mormon. In the Book of Ether, Jared rebelled against his father Omer, and went over to the Land of Heth. There he raised an army and overthrew Omer and placed him in captivity. While there Omer raised two sons, Esrom and Coriantumr who quietly raised an army and overthrew the brother Jared. Fearing for his life, Jared gave up the throne once again to Omer. Seeing the humbling defeat of her father, Jared's daughter sought a way to help out her father. Using the wicked and secret combinations of old, Jared's daughter encouraged him to use her hand in marriage as leverage for convincing a potential suitor, Akish, to secretly murder Omer. Omer, however, was warned by the lord in a dream to flee the land, fled with his family to a land called Ablom. Jared was able to obtain the kingdom and for that, he allowed his Akish to marry his daughter. Nothing more is said of Jared's daughter, but Akish, now her husband, would go on to murder her father Jared and take the throne for his own. Akish was insecure in his position, however. Fearing his son had too much power, Akish placed him prison where he starved to death. This created a break in the family as Akish's brothers rebelled against him. This fighting destroyed nearly everyone in the land until only 30 people were left alive. Whether she lived through this or not is unknown. It is notable, however, that her actions creating lasting dissensions in her family that ultimately resulted in nearly all of them dying in the bloodshed.

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