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David J. Ridges Mormon Scholar

David J. Ridges is a scholar and prolific, bestselling author. He taught for the Church Educational System for more than thirty-five years—at the Institute of Religion near Utah Valley University (as instructor and associate director), Brigham Young University Campus Education Week, BYU Continuing Education, and Know Your Religion classes. He is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

He is the author of a series of gospel-study books: Gospel Studies Made Easier, Book of Mormon Made Easier, Pearl of Great Price Made Easier, New Testament Made Easier, Old Testament Made Easier, The Book of Revelation Made Easier, Isaiah Made Easier, Jeremiah Made Easier, Mormon Beliefs and Doctrines Made Easier, and The Proclamation on the Family Made Easier. He has also written stand-alone books Priesthood Power Unlocked; Unlocking the Power of Your Priesthood; Temples: Sacred Symbolism Eternal Blessings; Seasons of a Mother’s Love; A Mother’s Perfect Hope; Born to Virgin Mary; Doctrinal Details of the Plan of Salvation: From Premortality to Exaltation; Our Savior, Jesus Christ: His Life and Mission to Cleanse and Heal; and Signs of the Times.

Ridges has served in the Church as a curriculum writer for the Sunday School, [Seminary], and [Institute]. He and his wife, Janette, served as senior CES missionaries and coordinated their assignments. He has also served as the executive secretary for the Sunday School general presidency.

Ridges and his wife are the parents of six children and live in Springville, Utah.