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Eliana with Dwayne Johnson

Eliana Su’a finished filming her first big role in a feature film at the beginning of 2019, and most child actors would love such a big opportunity—playing the daughter of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in Hobbs & Shaw, a spin-off of the Fast & Furious franchise. She is the first Samoan to play his daughter in a film.

When Eliana was eight years old, she noticed that her friend Jack’s orange juice commercial was aired frequently, she told her mother that she wanted to do what Jack was doing. She then began appearing in theater work and short films.

Eliana is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She had an opportunity to share her faith with Johnson on the film set when he asked her how her parents met. She told them they are members of the Church and that they met at Brigham Young University. Johnson said that some of his family are members of the Church.

Eliana says she recognizes the importance of standing as a witness of God. When asked what this means to her, she replied, “Everything I do and say matters. . . . It’s important to serve. It’s important to be a missionary to others and to be kind to everyone because I know that everyone is a child of God.”[1]

“I enjoy being in other characters’ shoes,” Eliana says when asked why she enjoys acting. “Seeing what their life is like, seeing what they do, and also putting smiles on other people’s faces when I’m acting and just meeting new people on set. Just being able to talk to them, have a conversation with them, and get to know them. And also, I love memorizing lines.”[2]

Eliana is the daughter of Melissa and Justin Su'a, who is a mental skills and leadership coach for professional athletes. She was born in Orem, Utah, and lives with her family in Florida.