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Elle Rowley is the creator of Solly Baby Wraps. She spoke about the beginning:

“I was sewing and blogging back in 2010 when I made my first wrap while I was pregnant with our second baby, Solomon. Having never used another stretchy wrap, I didn’t know I’d done anything differently until other friends started telling me that it was so lightweight and comfortable, that they wanted me to make one for them, as well. I thought maybe I was onto something. When Solomon was born and I started using the wrap, I fell in love with the experience. I started tweaking the design and the fabrics until I found something that was perfect. I couldn’t wait to share it with other parents.”[1]
I made my first wrap carrier right after having Solomon (hence Solly Baby) three years ago while my husband was still in school. Encouraged by friends that I was on to something and with the help of a small loan from my in-laws for the fabric, I turned our home in Salt Lake City into a factory, pushing all of the tables and chairs aside and rolling bolts of fabric back and forth over a taped pattern on the ground. I worked and worked any time my babies were sleeping, and started a shop on Etsy.[2]

Solly Baby (after her second child, Solomon) sells organic baby wraps, swaddles, layette sets. The products have won numerous awards.

She also wrote Carrying Baby (board book, 2014).

She and her husband, Jared, are the parents of four children. They are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.