Erick Sosa: Mormon Sculptor

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Erick Sosa Mormon Sculptor

Erick Sosa is a freelance concept character artist, professional sculptor, and digital modeler and has worked in the toy and collectible industries. Some of his clients include Mattel Toys, Disney Consumer Products Warner Brothers, Hasbro, SOTA Toys, Mental Giant, Hot Buttered Elves, DC Direct, Bowen Designs, Art Asylum, Kotobukiya, Funko, Yamato Toys, and His Majesty the King of Jordan, among others. He also owns his own company, Prototypez Studio.

He began creating at age four and honed his craft by studying other people’s work and through books.

Sosa is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and served a full-time mission to Mexico. He lives in the Los Angeles area with his family.

Erick Sosa Mormon Sculptor
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