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Ethan Van Sciver Mormon Artist

Ethan Van Sciver is a comic book artist and works for DC Comics. He is a cover artist, colorist, inker, penciller, finisher, and writer. He is known for his work on the series, Green Lantern: Rebirth and Flash: Rebirth. He has also penciled Superman and Batman and the special issues introducing "The Sinestro Corps," Green Lantern’s nemesis. When Van Sciver worked for Marvel Comics, he worked on X-Men.

Van Sciver was born on September 3, 1974, in Utah. He was raised in New Jersey. The world of comics came to life for him after seeing Superman: The Movie, and he decided to create a career in comic books. His career path wasn’t direct; he painted murals, drew caricatures, illustrated children’s books, and designed neckties and t-shirts. His first comic was "Cyberfrog". He has collaborated with writer Geoff Johns. Since January 2010, he has been the Inkwell Awards Ambassador.

Van Sciver is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and lives in North Carolina.

Ethan Van Sciver Mormon Artist