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Ganel-Lyn Condie is a writer, speaker, and consultant. She is the bestselling author of several books including her first, I Can Do Hard Things with God and its sequels I Can Choose Joy with God and I Can Forgive with God.

I’ve learned to rely on God’s timing. My first book had been rejected by multiple publishers. It wasn’t until my 40-year-old sister committed suicide that I finally knew I had to include that experience in the book and resubmit it. Covenant published it, and “I Can Do Hard Things with God” became a best-seller.[1]

Her other books include You Are Magnificent; Mother to Mother: Lessons from Our Sisters in the Scriptures; The Decision that Changed My Life: Inspiring True Stories from Latter-day Saints; You Are More than Enough, You Are Magnificent; and The Perfect Gift.

She is a regular television and radio guest, and motivational speaker. She participated in the documentary “Find Your Happy” and seeks to teach, encourage, and inspire others.

She has learned through her own experience of healing from chronic illness and infertility how to do hard things. She and her husband, Rob, have two children.

She is also an award-winning journalist. She is the former editor of Wasatch Woman magazine. She has written a column “Everyday Faith” for the Provo Daily Herald. She holds an bachelor’s degree in elementary education and psychology from Arizona State University.