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Glen Nelson Mormon Writer

Glen Nelson is a poet, writer, ghostwriter, publisher, and librettist. He founded the Mormon Artists Group, which serves as a kind of patronage for LDS artists and creates original works with LDS composers, photographers, painters, architects, sculptors, filmmakers, designers, writers, and choreographers. Mormon Artists Group has published Mormoniana and On Sunday, for example. Nelson publishes a monthly e-newsletter called Glimpses, a newsletter of Mormon art, scholarship, and opinions.

Nelson is the author of Mormons at the Met. Several of his ghostwritten books are New York Times nonfiction bestsellers. He is the author of the e-book The Glen and Marcia Nelson Collection of Mormon Art.

By education and training, Nelson is a literary scholar; James Joyce is his specialty, but he pursued other paths after graduating from New York University.

With Murray Boren as composer, Nelson has written three operas: The Dead, The Singer’s Romance, and The Book of Gold.