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The Book of Mormon is occasionally referred to as the "Golden Bible." This name is derived from the origin of the Book of Mormon text. Mormons assert that, just as many ancient records were kept on sheets of various metals, the Book of Mormon was recorded on sheets of gold. Ancient writers fashioned such metal sheets, or plates, by hand and compiled books that would preserve a record of their history. The Book of Mormon transcends mere historical value, however, for it was written by divinely called prophets. Living on the American continent in antiquity, these prophets recorded not only some of the long history of their peoples but also the spiritual matters of their ministry, focusing primarily on the gospel of Jesus Christ. Their record was passed through the generations and then buried in a hill around A.D. 400, resting there for over one thousand years. On September 21, 1823, an angel revealed the gold plates to a youth named Joseph Smith. Subsequently Joseph translated the record through the power of God and it was published as the Book of Mormon, later subtitled Another Testament of Jesus Christ. It stands in powerful support of the Holy Bible as a witness of Jesus' divinity, and Mormons invite all people everywhere to study the Book of Mormon so that their knowledge of and faith in the Savior will be increased.

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