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Add Internal Links to Your Article

This means adding a link that will take you to an existing page or article on the MormonWiki Page. If you have posted your own article you should already be familiar with this process. By adding brackets around a word, [[Word]], it becomes an internal link.

a. If the name of your article is Example you would make it a link like this: [[Example]] and it would appear as Example.

b. Make sure the name of the article is spelled correctly on your link, [[example]] would be incorrect.

If you made a link to a page that doesn't exist or is mispelled the link will show red. If you purposely added an internal link that doesn't exist so someone will write an article about it later, this is fine, but if you were trying to add a link to an existing page, there is something wrong with your spelling, check the name of the article on the MormonWiki articles page.

One thing to remember is to spell the name of the article your linking to exactly as it appears in the MormonWiki edit tab.

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