James Oneil Miner: Mormon Musician

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James Oneil Miner Mormon Musician

James Oneil Miner is a instrumental pianist, composer, entertainer, and recording artist. At the age of nine, he started piano lessons with his twin brother. He wasn’t allowed to quit until after his full-time service as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but by then music was integral to his life.

He spent his career in other endeavors, such as management training and public service. Once he started recording in 1997, he has produced numerous CDs and has toured throughout the world. His CDs include instrumental styling of well-loved songs as well as original compositions. His concerts include his impersonations of famous artists such as Marvin Hamlish, Roger Williams, and Liberace. In 2004, Miner was honored with the prestigious "Instrumentalist of the Year" award from the World Wide Bookseller's Organization.