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James Shores Mormon Screenwriter

James P. Shores is a screenwriter best known for creating BYUtv’s hit series, Granite Flats.

In 2011, Shores earned his bachelor’s degree in media arts studies from Brigham Young University. While a student, he took a class called “Writers’ Block,” and the purpose of the class was to gather a small group of students together who were interested in creating content for BYUtv. He made a 20-minute film called “Heaven Under a Table” on which “Granite Flats” is based. The idea came when he was putting together some things for his wife (a teacher) in her classroom, and he took a break by lying down under one of her tables. He pictured a story of a little boy who was trying to make sense of the loss of his father. The story grew from there. Shores wrote the pilot episode and a following episode entitled “A Secret to the Heart Nearest.” Scott Swofford worked with Shores to develop the series, and other writers, such as Beth Howard, came on board.

In 2010 Shores received the Best Screenplay award from the Mayhew Screenwriting Competition for his film Yuugasa. He was second unit director for the web series "The Book of Jer3miah" and a production assistant for Food Boy—both produced while he was a student. He also was part of the art department for feature film 17 Miracles. He is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Making of Granite Flats