Janeen Brady: Mormon Musician

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Janeen Brady Mormon Musician
Courtesy Celestia Shumway

Janeen Jacobs Brady is a composer, lyricist, and musician. She studied music education at Brigham Young University and with her husband and musician, Ted Brady, she formed Brite Music in 1978, a company that helped families and children enjoy music. Janeen and Ted are the parents of nine children.

Brady wrote and recorded thirty-seven albums and garnered many awards for her work including the Parent’s Choice Gold Seal award for Safety Kids, Stay Safe from Drugs. Her music books include The Safety Kids, Watch Me Sing, I Have a Song For You, and Songs for a Mormon Child. She coauthored the Standing Tall books with Grant Wilson and Diane McAfee. Her song “I Lived in Heaven” is a popular song included in the 1989 Children’s Songbook of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, of which she is a member.

She began piano lessons at age four and by age eight she could improvise and play by ear. She was composing music by the time she was fifteen. She accompanied extensively and performed in dance bands. was invited to the White House in 1983 to perform her song, “The Great American Family” for then-president Ronald Reagan.