Jared, son of Omer

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The Book of Mormon
Jared is a character in the Book of Mormon. Jared was a Jaredites who rebelled against his father Omer, the king of the Jaredites. After leaving his fathers kingdom, Jared went to the Land of Heth. There he raised an army of dissenters which he used to overthrow his father and take the kingdom for himself. His father was placed in captivity, where he raised Esrom and Coriantumr. These two raised an army and overthrew the brothers kingdom. With the battle lost and fearing for his life, Jared gave up the throne once again to his father.

Daughter of Jared

With his life spared, Jared once again began plotting ways to overthrow his father. Jareds daughter came up with a plan to use her beauty and cunning ways to obtain the throne. One of her potential suitors, Akish was a trusted friend of Omer. The plan was to entice Akish until he asked Jared for his permission to marry his daughter. There Jared would make an agreement that if Akish would kill Omer, he could marry his daughter. Akish agreed with the plan and created a secret society of his family and friends to ensure the plan was carried out. [1] Omer, however, being warned in a dream, fled with his family before he could murdered by Akish. This left Jared to succeed the vacancy that his father had left. For this, he allowed Akish marry his daughter. This would soon prove his downfall, however, as Akish used his secret society once more to obtain the throne for himself. While Jared was sitting on his throne in front of the people, he was murdered by members of the society and Akish was left to take the throne as his own.

Jared should not be confused with the Jared who led the Jaredites from the old world to the promise land and for whom the Jaredites are named.