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Jared Cardon Mormon Producer

Jared Cardon is a media producer and director. He is writer, producer and owner of Tinder Transmedia. He was the creator and executive producer of Pretty Darn Funny, a comedy web series that ran for two seasons (2012–2013). The series won five Telly awards.

Cardon co-created the suspense-thriller web series The Book of Jer3miah with Jeff Parkin. Cardon and Parkin taught a transmedia class at Brigham Young University and students of the class wrote, acted in, and edited each episode in class. The twenty-episode series ran for two hours for the first season. The series stars Jared Shores in the role of Jeremiah. An alternate-reality game was created with the series.

Cardon was screenwriter and editor for the BYU Broadcasting teleplay “The Nth Sector,” which won three Telly awards. His 2008 short film Customer Service (with Emily Moffat and Jackson Barlow) won third place in the LDS Film Festival and was accepted into the Beverly Hills Hi-Def Film Fest in 2008.

In 2014, Cardon and Parkin submitted two ideas to NBC's nationwide pitch competition for original half-hour comedy show concepts. One of their ideas was chosen as one of the 30 semi-finalists. The following year, they submitted a television series concept to the Sundance Institute Episodic Story Lab and were again semi-finalists.

Cardon was a teaching assistant in the BYU Media Arts department and adjunct faculty for two and a half years.