Jean-François Demeyère: Mormon Director

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Jean-François Demeyère Mormon Director

Jean-François Demeyère is a director, actor, and narrator. Even as a child he wrote plays and directed them, inviting neighbors to perform with him.

Demeyère graduated from the Mons Royal Conservatory and the Brussels Royal Conservatory.

He created La Maison de la Création, an amateur dance and drama school in La Hulpe, Belgium. The teachers prepare numerous plays and shows that the students perform each year. The school produced a play about September 11, 2001 called 11 septembre 2001 (written by Michel Vinaver) and directed by Demeyère. He also teaches oral communication seminars.

Demeyère is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and wrote a play about Joseph Smith and Emma Hale Smith. His wife is also a theatre graduate and they are the parents of two children.