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Jenedy Paige Mormon Artist

Jenedy Paige started her career in art at a late age comparatively. It wasn’t until her senior year in a new small-town high school that didn’t offer advanced-placement or honors classes that she took elective art classes. She found she had a voice she wanted to share with the world.

She earned a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from Brigham Young University–Idaho where she made up for lost time by working in the studio at 4 a.m. each morning. Her mentor was Leon Parson.

In 2014, she created a Nativity piece based upon the research of Brigham Young University archeologist Jeffrey R. Chadwick. Her blog post about the research and creation of this piece was republished in the Deseret News.

Jenedy Paige Mormon Artist
A Babe in White Linen on White Stone Courtesy Jenedy Paige

Paige is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She and her husband are the parents of four children.

Jenedy Paige Mormon Artist
Close but Separate Courtesy Jenedy Paige

Jenedy Paige’s blog