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"Job and His Friends"
"Job and His Friends" by Ilya Yefimovich Repin

Although we know very little about Job, he more than likely lived during the time of the patriarchs of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Job is the first of the books in the poetry or writings section of the Old Testament. Most of the book is written using poetic language and deals with two critical questions of life: why do righteous people suffer, and what motivates righteous people to choose righteousness? It is a book, which can help strengthen us during times of trial and tribulation by reminding us of God's purpose for our suffering.

The book does not entirely answer the question as to why Job suffered pain and the loss of his goods. It does make it clear that affliction is not necessarily evidence that one has sinned. The book suggests that affliction, if not for punishment, may be for experience, discipline, and instruction.1

Important lessons can be learned from Job. A few being, that Satan is real, he is on earth and he is allowed to tempt us, but if we resist his influence and follow the Savior, he cannot have power over us; we can understand the plan of salvation and the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ can help us understand and better bear the trials and hardships of mortality; we should lift, comfort, and strengthen those who suffer; if we do what is right, our trials will be our greatest blessings; and, God's knowledge and power are eternal. The mortal, limited mind cannot grasp the infinite mind of God.

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