John Lyde: Mormon Cinematographer

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John Lyde Mormon Cinematographer

John Lyde is a cinematographer and film editor. He is also a producer, director, and writer. Some of his numerous films include The Field Is White, Mariah’s Prayer, Sons of Provo, Take a Chance, Outlaw Trail, Dear John, Hoops, In the Service of God, Thy Will Be Done, Turn Here, The Collectors, Passage to Zarahemla, Beauty and the Beast, Journey of Truth, My One True Love, Shadowman, Kurosawa, Fade to Black, The Singles 2nd Ward, Minor Details, The Eleventh Hour, and Missionary: Impossible.

From an early age, Lyde was drawn to film. He grew up creating short films on his VHS Camcorder and editing on VCRs.

Lyde is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.