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K. C. Grant Mormon Author

K. C. Grant is the author of Abish: Daughter of God, Abish: Mother of Faith, and Venom. She contributed to the collections How Will Christmas Find Us? and A Christmas to Remember. She also contributed to Three Little Words (with Aubrey Mace and Jennie Hansen).

She has also contributed frequently to several family/home-oriented magazines, such as LDSLiving, Natural Life, The Washington Family, and BackHome. She has also written for the Deseret News and KSL. She is an active member of the League of Utah Writers (she served as a chapter president for three years), LDStorymakers, and the Association for Mormon Letters. She is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Grant was born in Idaho but has lived in Utah for most of her life. She served a full-time mission then completed a bachelor’s degree in English and Spanish from Weber State University.