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Kerry Blair Mormon Author

Kerry Blair is a novelist as well as a ghostwriter, editor, and speaker. Her novels include Ghost of a Chance, Mummy’s the Word, This Just In, Digging up the Past, Closing In, The Heart Only Knows, The Heart Has Forever, The Heart Has Its Reasons.

She is the author of short stories Angels Bending Near the Earth, For God So Loved the One, and she contributed to By the Light of a Star: True Christmas Stories.

She participated on Six LDS Writers and Frog, a blog founded by Sariah Wilson and written by Jeffrey Scott Savage, Robison Wells, Stephanie Black and Julie Bellon.

Blair is the author of a nonfiction book Counting Blessings: Wit and Wisdom for Women (2008). She was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Whitney Awards the same year.

Blair and her husband, Gary, are the parents of four children. She is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.