Land of Moron

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The Book of Mormon
The Land of Moron is a geographical location in the Book of Mormon and is the possible place of first inheritance of the Jaredites.[1] We know little about where the land was located in relation to other places, only that it was near the land which was called Desolation by the Nephites. [2] In the Book of Ether, the land was the likely capital of the Jaredites, as it is mentioned as the place where the king dwelt. In particular the land is mentioned several times:

1. When Corihor rebelled against his father Kib, he gathered together an army and came up unto the land of Moron where the king dwelt, and took him captive. Kib's son Shule would later return his father to the thrown. This would last until Corihor's son, Noah] would seek Shule's overthrow and take control of the land. Ultimately, Shule was taken captive into the land of Moron and was about to be put to death until his sons saved him and restored the land to his rule. [3]

2. In the great and last battle of the Jaredites, the land was still the center of the kingdom as Shared fought Coriantumr in the Wilderness of Akish until Shared came by night and slew part of Coriantumr's army. He then took the throne in the land of Moron. While there, Shared was killed by his high priest and Lib took his place until Coriantumr came up to battle and sent him fleeing to the seashore.[[4]]