Land of Nehor

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The Book of Mormon
The Land of Nehor is a city and a region mentioned briefly in the Book of Mormon. Nehor is the location that Corihor went after rebelling against his father Kib, the king of the Jaredites. Corihor used the land to raise an army and overthrow his father's kingdom in the Land of Moron. Corihor continued to rule the kingdom from Nehor, until his brother Shule attacked the city of Nehor and overthrew his brother. [1]

The land should not be confused with Nehor, a dissenter among the Nephites. His followers led dissensions from the Nephites. Among the notable followers of the Order of Nehor were Amalekites or Amulonites. After a group of dissenters were destroyed, the land of their destruction was known as the Desolation of Nehors.