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Larry Morris Mormon Author

Larry E. Morris is an author and editor who specializes in the American West history. He is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Morris was born and reared in Idaho Falls, Idaho. He earned his bachelor’s degree in philosophy and his master’s degree in American literature, both from Brigham Young University.

He worked as an assistant editor for the Ensign magazine, published by the Church of Jesus Christ. He also worked as a senior editor at Novell and as a senior editor at the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship at Brigham Young University. He was a writer and editor with the Joseph Smith Papers Project.

He has written several books on the American West, including John Colter: The Incredible Story of the Man and the Legend, The Perilous West: Seven Amazing Explorers and the Founding of the Oregon Trail, The Fate of the Corps: What Became of the Lewis and Clark Explorers After the Expedition. Oliver Cowdery has been the subject of some of his research and publications. He has published papers on Oliver Cowdery in BYU Studies, the FARMS Review, and the Journal of Book of Mormon Studies and edited (with John W. Welch) Oliver Cowdery: Scribe, Elder, Witness. Morris has published articles in The Missouri Historical Review, American History, We Proceeded On, and the John Whitmer Historical Association Journal.

Morris and his wife, Deborah, are the parents of four children and live in Salt Lake City, Utah.