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Lee Nelson Mormon Author

Lee Nelson is the bestselling author of the Storm Testament series (ten volumes) and his nonfiction Beyond the Veil series (four volumes) as well as numerous other stand-alone books totaling thirty-five titles. He coauthored The Last Great Secret of the Third Reich with Arthur Naujoks and 500 Little-Known Facts About Joseph Smith with Wayne Lewis and Jana Cox. Hoofbeats is the title of his autobiography

Nelson was born in Logan, Utah, and spent much of his childhood in California. He currently lives in central Utah. He is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and served a full-time mission in Germany. He holds both a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in business from Brigham Young University.

Before writing full time, he was a speech writer in Philadelphia and a car dealer in Montana.

‘’’Storm Testament series’’’

  • The Storm Testament
  • The Storm Testament II
  • The Storm Testament III
  • The Storm Testament IV
  • Storm Testament V
  • Rockwell (volume VI)
  • Walkara (volume VII)
  • Cassidy (volume VIII)
  • Storm Gold (volume IX)
  • The Blackhawk Journey (volume X)

Beyond the Veil series (four volumes)

  • Visions from Beyond the Veil (a compilation of the Beyond the Veil series)
  • The Ephraim Chronicles
  • Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer among the Indians
  • Born to Rope
  • The Wasatch Savage
  • The Moriah Confession
  • A Thousand Souls
  • The Prophet’s Journal
  • Taming the Sasquatch
  • NDE: Near Death Experiences (with Richard Nelson)
  • Long Shadows (with Wilford Meeks)
  • Dance of Courage: And Other Favorite Stories
  • Mormon Fortune Builders and How They Did It