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The Book of Mormon
Lib is a character in the Book of Mormon. In the Book of Ether, Lib is an army commander who obtained his position through secret oaths and combinations. He succeeded Gilead, whom he had slain on his throne by his high priest. At the time, Gilead had fought a fierce battle with Coriantumr for sole rule over the Jaredites. After killing part of Coriantumr's army in the night, Gilead was able to enter the capital of the kingdom in the Land of Moron and take the throne of Coriantumr. With Gilead now successfully murdered, Lib was able to take control of his armies and sit on the throne of Coriantumr.

Battling Coriantumr

With his armies refreshed, Coriantumr entered the land of Moron and began to battle Lib's army. The battle became fierce with Lib and Coriantumr directly fighting each other. Lib succeeded in injuring Coriantumr on his arm, but was force to flee with his army to the seashore. Coriantumr armies pursued Lib until the battle continued on the seashore. This time Lib's army had the upper hand and Coriantumr was forced to flee through the Wilderness of Akish. As he fled he gathered everyone in the cities he passed into his armies until Lib caught up with him on the Plains of Agosh. There the battle continued, with Lib again battling Coriantumr face to face. Lib would lose this battle however, as Coriantumr succeeded in slaying him on the battlefield. Coriantumr's armies would not prove as successful, however. With Lib's brother Shiz not leading his armies, Coriantumr was forced to flee the battlefield once again.

Lib should not be confused with Lib, the son of Kish, who reign over the Jaredites during an earlier period and was part of Ether's genealogy.