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Lynn Gardner Mormon Author

Lynn Gardner is the author of the Gems and Espionage series, which includes titles Emeralds and Espionage (1995), Pearls and Peril (1996), Diamonds and Danger (1997), Turquoise and Terrorists (1998), Sapphires and Smugglers (1999), Amethysts and Arson (1999), Jade and Jeopardy (2000), Opals and Outrage (2001), Rubies and Rebels (2003), and Topaz and Treachery (2005). She also wrote the Maggie McKenzie Mysteries Vanished (2004) and Pursued (2009). Her travels for twenty-five years with her US Air Force husband gave her the opportunity for extensive research. They also traveled extensively after his retirement.

Gardner and her husband, Glenn, live in Quartz Hill, California. They are the parents of four children. They served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to Armenia.