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Rendering of the Managua Nicaragua Temple

The plan for the Managua Nicaragua Temple was announced on April 1, 2018, during the closing session of general conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

President Russell M. Nelson, made a promise to Nicaraguan Saints six years earlier that they would have a temple when they were ready.[1] This will be the first temple for the country of Nicaragua.

Nicaragua is home to over 100,000 Latter-day Saints organized into 12 stakes and 4 districts. Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints currently need to cross international borders to the Tegucigalpa Honduras Temple or the San Jose Costa Rica Temple to participate in temple service.[2]

Preparation for a Temple

In January 2012, then-apostle Elder Nelson began his Central American journey in San Salvador, on assignment from the First Presidency, which included a training meeting for priesthood leaders held in the meetinghouse adjacent to the San Salvador El Salvador Temple. The next day, he presided over the San Salvador El Salvador La Libertad Stake Conference where he pronounced an apostolic blessing upon El Salvador members who live the gospel and remain faithful to their covenants.[3]

To the Nicaraguan Saints gathered for a member meeting on January 18, 2012, he said, "I promise you that when you are ready, the Lord will do His part so that you have a temple." He further urged members to develop Christlike love for one another, to pray, to acquire knowledge through scripture study, and to cultivate perseverance.[4]

President Nelson had visited Nicaragua previously in 1990 with Elder Richard G. Scott, following the dedication of El Salvador for the preaching of the gospel, and again in 1996 with President Gordon B. Hinckley, following the organization of the Atiquizaya El Salvador Stake.[5]


The Managua Nicaragua Temple will be built on a 8.9-acre site located at km 9.3 Carretera Masaya between 2nd and 3rd entrance streets to Residencial Las Colinas, Distrito V – (5), Departamento de Managua, Nicaragua. Plans call for a single-story temple of approximately 25,000 square feet.

Groundbreaking Service

Groundbreaking service for the Managua Nicaragua Temple was held on Saturday, November 26, 2022. Elder Taylor G. Godoy, First Counselor in the Central America Area Presidency, presided at the event. He urged members to conduct themselves as citizens of heaven, as mentioned by the Apostle Paul in the scriptures. "Outside the temple, there will be a very large sign that will say 'Holiness to the Lord,’” added Elder Godoy. “The temples are a representation of what we try to be as people, Latter-day Saints, trying to align our way of living to what the life of the Savior was.”

In the dedicatory prayer, Elder Godoy thanked Heavenly Father for “the wonders of Your creation and for the infinite mercies and blessings that you allow to be poured out on us.”

"Bless the members of the Church in this wonderful country, so that at the same time that the temple is built, they can build and strengthen their testimonies of the Savior Jesus Christ with the resolution to be His disciples forever,” he said.[6]

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