Michaella Lawson: Mormon Designer

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Michaella Lawson Mormon Designer

Michaella Lawson and her husband, Brad, are the founders of Mikarose Boutique, a modest clothing company based in Provo, Utah.

When she was searching for a modest, classy, fashion-forward dress for an event, and she found nothing to meet her needs, she decided to create a company that provided what she and other like-minded women were searching for. Brad said that they wanted to create “dresses that are already modest and elegant with no alterations required.”[1] Young women seeking modesty often use a cardigan over their dresses or T-shirts underneath.

They found a Utah seamstress and a technical dress designer who works in the Los Angeles fashion industry. The dress designer took the Lawsons’ dress sketches and created patterns for the seamstress to create. They launched their website in November 2005. Later they also placed their finished dresses in Urban Trends, a clothing store in a Provo mall. The Lawsons later expanded into tops and skirts.

Michaella and Brad are graduates of Brigham Young University and members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.