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Mormon Church Growth in Florida

Florida is rapidly growing its Mormon (a nickname for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) population. Growth is particularly noteworthy for its diversity in a church often viewed as largely white.

The Miami Lakes Stake, which includes South Broward and Miami-Dade Counties, is approximately sixty percent Hispanic, according to estimates. Racial statistics are not kept by the Church of Jesus Christ. Congregations become more diverse as one travels south in Florida. There is one Spanish-speaking branch—a branch is smaller than a regular congregation (called a “ward”)—and most come from Central America.

Mormons do not run their congregations differently based on the race or culture of the people. However, they do offer congregations that are conducted in a specific language, if there is a need. Interpreters are available to assist as many as possible who are in English-speaking congregations. Scriptures are also available in a variety of languages.

Florida currently has one temple, and another is being built. Temples are a sign of growth in an area, since they are built only as needed to serve the local population.