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Nadia Khristean is a corporate songwriter and marketing strategist. She partners with charities and corporate sponsors to create music videos for a cause. Her campaigns raise awareness for charities and also raise donor acquisitions. Some of her work has impacted those who work to overcome human trafficking, suicide, poverty, special needs, homelessness, and help survivors, refugees, and others. She has worked with the nonprofit Operation Underground Railroad.

When she was 15, she recorded a CD and sold it door to door to benefit an organization that supports fallen soldiers. Her efforts have continued to bloom from that beginning. She co-founded the Daddy Come Home Foundation at the age of 15.

She was honored by the Utah National Compact Organization (2012) and the “Where Much is Given” foundation (2013).  She has spearheaded “You are Beautiful” Programs in Utah County, Salt Lake Valley, and Peru.

She also reaches out through her youtube channel and is a motivational speaker.

She studied commercial music at Brigham Young University and minored in business administration. Although she was born and raised in Utah, she has a bicultural heritage—her mother is Colombian, her great-grandfather is from Lebanon.

Nadia is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and served a full-time mission to Peru. She used music to serve when she arranged the music for and directed ten choirs for religious conferences. She released music for both the 2015 #ASaviorIsBorn campaign and the 2016 #Hallelujah campaign.