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Obert Skye Mormon Author

Obert Skye is a children’s book author best known for his Leven Thumps series and its sequel the Beyond Foo series. He is also the creator of the Pillage trilogy, The Creature from My Closet series, and a few stand-alone novels. He is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

He took an “Imagination Tour” and visited more than 900 schools throughout the United States to promote reading. He said that reading changed his life and he hoped to bring a change to someone else’s.[1] He also talked to the students about the role of imagination in writing. “I thought about a place between the possible and the impossible for 15 years before I started writing about the Kingdom of Foo." He is vague about his background, in interviews, on his website, and in his published works. He has described himself as born in the middle of the week, growing up in many different and varied temperatures—including the mystery section of the library, and living in a constant state of wonder. He suggests to the students that they use their imagination about his life. In an interview with Simon and Schuster, he was asked, “How would you describe your life in only 8 words?” He replied: “Each day is the beginning of a mystery.” When asked, “What is your motto or maxim?” He replied: “Some food might be poisonous—be careful.”[2]

Obert Skye may be a pseudonym for author Robert Farrell Smith.

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