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Rachel Payne is a classically trained mezzo soprano. She studied at Musik und Kunst Privat Universitat and sang opera in Vienna, Austria. At the age of 16, she graduated from high school and left her native San Jose, California for New York, where she graduated from Manhattan School of Music. She then moved to Los Angeles where she met her husband, J.D., She enjoyed success there as a singer, actor, and producer. She has also been able to sing all over the world.

She has also produced three albums: Twisted Folk, Mourning, and Folk Tales. She has produced musicals Anthem, and Hoarders. She runs Operation Opera, a podcast about contemporary opera performance.

She and her husband live in Auckland, New Zealand, where he works as a showrunner and writer for Amazon’s streaming series The Lord of the Rings. They are the parents of two sons. They are also members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. One of their first callings after they were married in the Washington D.C. Temple, was as liaisons to foster relationships between Church leaders and leaders within the Jewish community. They served in both regional and stake public affairs callings.