Robbie Connolly: Mormon Musician

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Robbie Connolly Mormon Musician
Robbie Connolly, second from left

Robbie Connolly is a lead vocalist and guitarist for the alternative rock band Fictionist. The band has its roots in Provo, Utah.

Fictionist has produced albums including Invisible Hand (2009), Lasting Echo (2010), and Fictionist (2014). They produced another album while signed with Atlantic Records, but neither Fictionist nor Atlantic were happy with the album, so it was never released. Atlantic released them after three years.

Since splitting with Atlantic, Connolly has written more songs and sings about half of the vocals—Atlantic had preferred to showcase lead Stuart Maxfield. The band feels they are happier and more innovative out from under the uneasiness they experienced with Atlantic.

Connolly is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He is from Salt Lake City and now lives in Provo. His wife, Caitlin, manages the social media for the band.