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Robert Moss Mormon Author

Robert H. Moss is a LDS historical fiction novelist, having been one of the first to be published in the genre with his Nephite Chronicles. Titles in the series include: The Covenant Coat: A Novel of Joseph of Egypt; I, Nephi: A Novel of the Sons of Lehi; The Waters of Mormon: A Novel of Alma the Elder; That I Were an Angel: A Novel of Alma the Younger; Title of Liberty: A Novel of Moroni and Helaman; The Abridger: A Novel of Mormon; Valiant Witness: A Novel of Moroni; Capstone of Faith: Gaining a Testimony of the Book of Mormon.

Moss was born in Santa Clara, Utah, and studied writing at Dixie College. After his graduation, he joined the United States Army and served in the U.S. and Germany. After his service, he studied at the College of Southern Utah and Brigham Young University. He was an elementary school teacher and principal, and became superintendent of schools. He later obtained his doctorate in educational administration from BYU and became a professor at the University of Northern Colorado and Southern Utah State College.

Moss’s other book titles include: Celestial Child; Soldiers ’n Saints: An Historical Novel; Through Deepening Trials; Guts, but No Glory: A Novel of the Utah War; and On Wings of Eagles: The Positive Christian.

He and his wife, Roberta, are the parents of five sons. He and his wife served three missions to Martin's Cove.