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Russell R. Rich was a professor in the College of Religion at Brigham Young University from 1953 to 1977.

Rich was born on January 5, 1912, in Chicago, Illinois. He was raised in Preston, Idaho, and Logan, Utah. He earned a degree at Utah State Agricultural College. After graduation, he taught Seminary in Driggs, Idaho, and Logan, Utah. In 1946 he became Director of the Institute of Religion at Arizona State University in Tempe. After he earned his master’s degree in Church History from Brigham Young University in 1949 he was Institute director at the University of Wyoming. In 1953 he began teaching at BYU where he taught for 24 years. He also earned his EdD degree from the University of Wyoming. At BYU he was also chairman of the Church History Department. He retired in 1977.

He is the author of a popular textbook dealing with the history of the Church from 1846 to 1900 entitled Ensign to the Nations. He is also the author of a study guide to B. H. Robert’s Comprehensive History of the Church. He also studied Latter-day Saints schismatic movements.

He and his wife, Margaret Cardon, were the parents of seven children. Together they served as tour guides at the Visitor’s Center in Independence, Missouri.

He passed away on April 25, 1988.