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Scott Jarvie Mormon Photographer

Scott Jarvie is a freelance photographer. He is the founder of the professional photographers database All The Photographers. He also founded Envision the World, a community-driven collection of images and experiences from around the world. He also founded the Jarvie Digital University internship program.

Jarvie grew up in the San Diego, California, area and studied languages at Brigham Young University. In an interview with Mormon Artist, Jarvie said:

While I was taking French, I went to Belgium and worked at a supermarket to learn more French. While I was over there, we had open days when we weren’t working at the supermarket. Some of us would go on little trips and I would take my little point-and-click and I would click away. The other people in the group would say things like, “We don’t need to take our cameras because Scott will just take a lot of pictures. His are good.” This provided me with a little ego boost. I thought, “Mine are good. I enjoy this.”[1]

After his small camera broke, he bought a larger one and was given his first opportunity to take engagement photos. He still considers himself primarily a wedding photographer. He is largely self-taught and endeavors to teach and mentor other photographers.

Scott Jarvie Mormon Photographer
Courtesy Scott Jarvie

In September 2013 he began his “Faith in America” project that took him on the road throughout the United States. Part of his project included taking photos of every LDS temple in the U.S. His book American Temples is the result. Jarvie is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Scott Jarvie Mormon Photographer
Holi Festival 2012 Courtesy Scott Jarvie